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The workshop was held from 13 to 15 June 2018 in Bonn, in concomitance with the 7th International EarthCARE Science Workshop, and co-hosted by ESA, DLR, and MPI.

Workshop report

Summary report of the 1st ESA EarthCARE Validation workshop
20180613-15 ESA CalVal Workshop Report_(1.0).pdf


ESA introduction 
Chairs: A.Lefebvre and D.Maeusli

Workshop intro, cal-val organisation, communications,  schedule,  and overview of coverage of AO proposals,R.Koopman

Cal/Val Campaigns CoordinationD.Schüttemeyer

ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre A -M.  Fjæra

Observation Planning SupportM. Pinol Sole

CODA, HARP and VISAN: ESA tool suite for product analysis and intercomparison (demo introduction)S.Niemeijer

Status and future plan of the JAXA Validation activityT. Kubota
General Approaches and multi task country contributions

Chairs: J.Cole and D.Donovan

German Initiative for the Validation of EarthCARE (GIVE)U. Wandinger, S.Groß, A.Hünerbein

Swedish contribution to ESA s EarthCARE Cal Val activities (SweVal)A. Devasthale

Validation of EarthCARE Product in ChinaX. Hu

Validation of EarthCARE products towards their homogenization with CALIPSO for consolidating the 3D long-term ESA-LIVAS climatology of aerosols, clouds and radiation (ACROSS)V.Amiridis

NASA Assets (ground, sub-orbital and orbital) and field campaigns relevant for EarthCAREF. Seidel

CNES support to French research community activities in relation with EarthCare ValidationT. Tremas

DISCUSSION (theme 1 : including 39211)
Specific instrument, product and algorithm validation
Chairs: L.Baldini and A.Battaglia

EarthCARE BBR L1 and L2 Products AssessmentN. Clerbaux

SPACECARE (Study of Precipitation in the AntarctiC with EarthCARE)C. Genthon

Evaluation of EarthCARE Radiances and Fluxes with CERES Data ProductsN. Loeb

Validation of EarthCARE Aerosol products over key REgions with a focus on high latitudes (VECARE)G. Ancellet

Innovative retrieval methods of aerosol and cirrus cloud optical depth above water clouds and ocean surface, and its application in ATLID cal/val studies.D. Josset

Calibration and Validation for EarthCARE Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR) using Ground Based and Satellite Weather Radar ObservationsV. Chandrasekar

Statistically based calibration/validation control of ATLID L1 dataH. Chepfer

Cabauw Lidar Observations for ATLID L1 and L2a product evaluationD. Donovan

Calibration and Validation of EarthCARE s Cloud Profiling Radar Data ProductsO. Sy (PI: S. Tanelli)

Cross-scale evaluation of ground precipitation derived from the ACM-CAP data product over EuropeY. Markonis

MMP : Monitoring MSI/EarthCARE L1 performances  using concomitant intercalibration and stand-alone approaches (cancelled)N. Scott (cancelled)

DISCUSSION (theme 2, including also 38188 , and 39217)
Dedicated campaigns and regional efforts
Chairs: J.Delanoe and S.Gross

Validation of EarthCARE products by comparison with airborne measurements and global NWP predictionsF. Marenco

Balloon Aerosols Instruments for the Validation of EarthCare (BAIVEC)J-B. Renard

MORECALVAL : MObile Radar-Lidar-Radiometer EarthCare CAL/VAL projectJ. Delanoe

Airborne and Lidar Validation of EarthCARE (ALIVO EarthCARE)M. Gausa

An assessment of EarthCARE s Cloud Property Retrieval Algorithms for Persistent Ice-phase Clouds in the Canadian Arctic during Polar NightH. Barker

EarthCARE Calibration and Validation Using an Airborne HSRLD.Winker  (PI: C. Hostetler)

DISCUSSION (theme 3 including also 38188, 38816, 39205, 38811, 38935, 39211 )
Global coverage and long-term global mission support by observational networks and stations
Chairs: D.Donovan and U.Wandinger

ACTRIS for EarthCare L2 product evaluation (AECARE)A. Apituley


Validation of EarthCARE level2 radar products in high-latitude and Arctic climatesD. Moisseev 

An Italian coordinated contribution to the Validation of EarthCare products from three atmospheric observatories in the Central Mediterranean Sea.G L . Liberti

British and Korean lidars for ATLID validation (BAKLAVA)M. Tesche

CESAR for EarthCARE evaluation (CECARE)A. Apituley

ACTRIS-FR proposal for EarthCARE Cal/ValB. Torres (PI: Ph. Goloub)

EarthCARE Cal/Val Using the NASA Micro Pulse Lidar Network (MPLNET)E. Welton

 Validation of the EarthCARE ATLID and MSI products using ground-based lidar and sunphotometry measurements in East Asia.T. Nishizawa

DISCUSSION (theme 4 including also 38188, 38839, 39067, 39183, 38810, 38816,38909, 39147, 39186, 39211, 39214
Validation against other satellites
Chairs: N.Clerbaux and P.Kollias

Plan for EarthCARE/ATLID Calibration and Science Product Validation Using CALIPSOD. Winker

DISCUSSION (theme 6 including also 37730, 38188, 38709,38816, 38839, 39067, 39147, 39183, 39205, 39217, 39266, 39821)

DISCUSSION (theme 5 Validation using models)  including 38018, 38188, 38935, 39217)chair: A.Illingworth and J.Cole

Analysis of coverage with respect to requirements (Gap analysis DISCUSSION)

(Powerpoints that were used as input are available from the right-hand column, but the discussion itself is captured in the workshop report)

chairs: A. Illingworth (EMAG and theme 5)
D.Donovan (theme 1)
L.Baldini (theme 2)
S.Groß (theme 3)
U.Wandinger (theme 4)
N.Clerbaux (theme 6)


ClosingA. Lefebvre