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Click on the image above to see a video of (a simulation of) EarthCARE in orbit

Welcome to the EarthCARE Validation Portal.The (restricted) EarthCARE Validation Principal Investigator portal can be accessed here.

This part of the EarthCARE validation website serves as introductory information, and also acts as a landing page for the (restricted)  collaboration environment for the Principal Investigators of the ESA EarthCARE Validation Team. Scientists that are interested to collaborate on EarthCARE Validation are requested to contact in order to obtain information on how to join the EarthCARE Validation Team.

titlePrincipal Investigator Pages:

Introduction to the EarthCARE mission 

EarthCARE will measure the 3D structure of cloud and aerosols, together with collocated observations of solar (shortwave) and terrestrial (thermal) radiation. For this purpose, the satellite carries four scientific instruments, two active instruments – a lidar and a radar – to measure the vertical distribution of clouds and aerosols, an imager  to collect cloud and aerosol information across the satellite ground track and a broadband radiometer for measuring outgoing reflected solar and emitted thermal at the top of the atmosphere. 


  • The EarthCARE launch date has been set to July 2022. Further news on the mission status can be found here (Mission Status)

EarthCARE Mission resources

Further information about the EarthCARE mission in general can be obtained from the following resources:




EarthCARE Validation

The geophysical validation of EarthCARE involves a suite of correlative instruments and methods. This portal provides an overview of the validation activities  and support functions for the validation teams. The contributions are resulting from the responses to the ESA Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for the Validation of EarthCARE. 

The contributions have been presented and reviewed during the 1st ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop in June 2018 in Bonn, Germany

The scientists in the EarthCARE validation team will collaborate with ESA algorithm and instrument experts and will be provided with preliminary EarthCARE data products as soon as available, hence well before public release of the consolidated data products.

Scientists that are interested in collaboration and joining the ESA EarthCARE Validation Team should contact

EarthCARE Validation Resources





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