As physical events are not permitted in May 2021, the format of an online workshop has been selected. This workshop is dedicated to the introduction of EarthCARE validation proposals that have been accepted in the period after the previous workshop, and to the discussion of validation methods and validation protocols in the domains addressed by the EarthCARE mission. To foster intense interactivity during the working sessions and in particular the splinter sessions, this online workshop will not be a an online public event as this format would be limited to presentations with questions and answers. Because a higher level of interactivity is required to meet the workshop objectives, participation is reserved to the Principal Investigators (PI) of the EarthCARE ESA AO, their Co-Investigators (Co-I), and the EarthCARE Data Product Algorithm Developers and EarthCARE instrument experts, and the members of the EarthCARE Mission Advisory Group. ESA delegates and the EarthCARE Principal Investigators of the JAXA Research Announcement are welcome to attend, and scientists from other missions will also be invited.

More information is available in the section of the portal that is reserved to the EarthCARE Validation Team Members (PIs and Co-Is)


Time (CEST)

Programme SessionsPresentation and discussion sessionsSpeakers  
Chairs:Anthony Illingworth, Ulla Wandinger, Nicolas Clerbaux
25-MAY-202113:00IntroductionWelcomeRob Koopman  - ESA
13:05Validation Workshop OpeningDominique Gillieron  -  ESA (Earth Exlorer Programme Manager)
13:20Mission & SystemEarthCARE StatusDirk Bernaerts - ESA (EarthCARE Project Manager)
13:45In Orbit Characterisation, Calibration, and Verification (IOV) approach for ATLID, BBR, MSI

Kostka Wallace - ESA

Georgios Tzeremes -ESA 


 EarthCARE Level 1  Validation needs for the ESA products:

BBR Level 1 feedback is obtained via the Level 2 product, CPR Level 1 Validation is under JAXA responsibility


David Donovan - KNMI

14:30Rene Preusker - FU Berlin
14:45Break (20 min)

Chairs:Pavlos Kollias, Luca Baldini
15:05AlgorithmsEarthCARE L2 Validation Needs of the ESA Products and Algorithms  

Shannon Mason - ECMWF



ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre

Ann Mari Fjæraa - NILU

15:50Atmospheric Virtual LabSander Niemeijer - S&T
16:05E3SIM - EarthCARE SimulatorDavid Donovan - KNMI
16:20ICAROHS Inter-Comparison of Aerosol Retrievals and Observational Requirements for Multi-
Wavelength HSRL Systems
Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff - KNMI
16:35Group screen shot: please briefly switch on your cameras
16:40Break (20 min)
Chairs:Jurgen Fischer, Alessandro Battaglia

Quality Assurance for Earth Observation (QA4EO) concept and example

Jean-Christopher Lambert - BIRA/IASB

17:15The power of monitoring EarthCARE observations at ECMWF and preparing towards their assimilation.Mark Fielding - ECMWF
17:30Fiducial Reference Measurement concept and FRM4Radar Cloud Profiling for Satellite Validation

Jonas Von Bismarck - ESA

Lukas Pfitzenmaier - IGMK (Univ-Cologne)

17:45Validation Organisation Validation preparations timelineRob Koopman - ESA

New Principal Investigators

(that joined after 1st ESA EarthCARE validation workshop)

Peter Völger - IRF

18:15EVID34 / AOID 51949 WEGN4CARE - Validation of EarthCARE cloud and precipitation products by the WegenerNet 3D Weather Research Facility in Southeastern AustriaGottfried Kirchengast and Jürgen Fuchsberger - Wegcenter 
18:25EVID35/AOID 60799 Validate Cloud Profiling Radar on EarthCARE against Aircraft Observations of Cirriform CloudVaughan Philips  - INES
18:30Virtual Ice-breaker (hosted by TROPOS)  - link will be shared on Tuesday 25 May


Dave Donovan, Ulla Wandinger, Holger Baars, Hélène Chepfer, Jürgen Fischer, Michael Eisinger, Georgios Tzeremes


Aerosol L2 and ATLID L1 Validation

IntroductionUlla Wandinger - TROPOS
13:05Lessons learned from Aeolus Cal/Val and the DISCOliver Reitebuch - DLR
13:20Lessons learned from CALIPSODave Winker - NASA
13:35The ACCP orbital componentDave Winker - NASA
13:50Discussionmoderated by co-chairs

Discussion on ATLID Level 1 validation approaches 

moderated by co-chairs


15:05Aerosol L2 and ATLID L1 ValidationACCP suborbital component - AerosolJens Redemann  - Univ. of Oklahoma
15:20Aerosol L2 and ATLID L1 Validation

Overview of PI responses and Discussion Aerosol (ATLID + MSI) Level 2 validation approaches 

moderated by co-chairs
16:30Way forward

moderated by co-chairs


Chairs:Ulla Wandinger, Luca Baldini, Jonas von Bismarck


Introduction co-chairs
17:05Lessons learned from the validation of Aeolus L2A product with EARLINETNikos Siomos - NOA

Perspectives on Ground Validation from the NASA/JAXA Global Precipitation Measurement Mission

S. Joseph Munchak - NASA

17:25ACTRIS Aerosol Remote Sensing in support of EarthCARE Cal/Val.Doina Nicolae - INOE

ACTRIS Cloud Remote Sensing in support of EarthCARE Cal/Val.

Martial Haeffelin - IPSL 


MPLNET Observations in Support of EarthCARE Cal/Val

Judd Welton - NASA
17:55Approaches to intercalibration/QA/QC and other network aspects of AD-Net and SKYNET systemsTomoaki Nishizawa - NIES
18:05LALINET network approaches for QA/QC, validation and data handlingEduardo Landulfo - IPEN
Discussionmoderated by co-chairs
18:35End day 2


Shannon Mason, Pavlos Kollias, Alessandro Battaglia, Eleni Marinou, Tobias Wehr


Clouds & Precipitation (& CPR L2a) Validation

Introduction co-chairs


CloudSat Cal/Val lessons learned & summary of AtmOS(ACCP) Suborbital Discussions with emphasis on Cloud and Precipitation Cal/Val

Jay Mace - UoU


Summary of inputs from Principal Investigators

Eleni Marinou - NOA

Summary of the algorithm needs with respect to clouds and CPR for Level 2 Shannon Mason - ECMWF


Discussion on Cloud and Precipitation cal/val 

moderated by co-chairs

14:30Break (15 min)

14:45Clouds & Precipitation (& CPR L2a) Validation

Discussion on Cloud and Precipitation cal/val

moderated by co-chairs


Way forward for cloud and precipitation cal/vals.

moderated by co-chairs

16:15Break (15 min)

ChairsSilke Groß, Julien Delanoë, Dirk Schüttemeyer



Introduction co-chairs


Introduction to ESA campaigns and pre Pre-launch lessons learned

Silke Groß - DLR

Julien Delanoë - LATMOS


CCREST, an example for a science/validation campaign on validation of several missions combined with general science

Stuart Fox - UKMO

17:15Latest status and future plans for in-situWolde Mengistu - NRC

17:30Opportunities for dedicated or piggy back campaignsSilke Groß - DLR
Dirk Shuettemeyer - ESA



moderated by co-chairs

18:30End of day 3


Nicolas Clerbaux, Jurgen Fischer, Almudena Velazquez, Tobias Wehr, Michael Eisinger

13:00RadiationIntroduction Nicolas Clerbaux - RMIB

13:05Overview of MSI Level 1 validation by ECVT (AO PIs)Jurgen Fischer- FU Berlin

13:10Lessons learned/Monitoring MSI L1 performanceNoëlle Scott - LMD/IPSL

13:25Overview BBR L1/L2 Cal/Val by ECVT (AO PIs) Nicolas Clerbaux - RMIB

13:30Lessons learned from CERESKory Priestley - NASA Langley

13:45Lessons learned from GERB Jacqueline Russell - Imperial College

14:00Discussionmoderated by co-chairs

14:45Break (15 min)

Chairs:Jason Cole, Tobias Wehr

15:00ModelsIntroductionJason Cole - ECCC

15:05Vertical velocity in stormsVaughan Phillips - INES

15:15Using EarthCARE for improving desert dust transport modelingVassilis Amiridis - NOA

15:25Instrument simulators and applications to modelsKatia Lamer - BNL

15:40NWP model evaluation using ACTRIS cloud profilingEwan O' Connor - FMI


moderated by co-chairs

16:25Break (20 min)

16:45Summary/General discussion/Way forward



Closing Remarks

Rob Koopman - ESA

Anthony Illingworth - U Reading

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